Processing fees

According to regulation passed by the Council of European Union in 2003 (2003/454/CE), the applicants are now charged for the visa process. The fees have to be paid when filing the application.

In case of a visa refusal, no refund will be granted.

The visa is free of charge for :
- assistants working at a French high school,
- spouse of a French or EU citizen,
- children under 6 years of age,

Payment (US dollars only) is made only by credit card (visa or mastercard only).

Fees are subject to change following the exchange rate.

The processing fees are currently as follow :

Short stay visa Processing fees
Airport transit visa $67
Schengen/Short stay visa $67
Schengen/Short stay visa for children
aged 6 to less than 12 years old
Short stay visa for Martinique, Guadeloupe,
French Guiana, La Reunion
Long stay visa Processing fees
Long stay visa $110
Long stay Student visa $56
Overseas territories visa $10

Rates are updated every 1st and 16th of the month

Dernière modification : 18/05/2015

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